About us

We started organising yoga holidays and workshops two years ago with a limited audience, based on a word of mouth reputation. Much to our delight, everything went better than expected, which allowed us to further expand our activities while keeping the same passion and dedication.

The central aspect of our philosophy is the yoga practice itself. For this reason, we invite distinguished teachers to offer you a profound and intense yoga experience which will satisfy beginners and advanced practitioners alike. To that end, depending on their purpose, our courses range from yoga holidays to intensive workshops and our yoga classes are arranged so as to inspire and encourage you to develop your own personal practice.

Special care has also been taken to select the locations where the courses are held in order to ensure that the energy of the immediate surroundings positively contributes to the overall effect of the yoga practice. The chosen locations are situated in areas of unspoiled natural beauty and are filled with a very fine pranic energy. During your time spent with us, you will become acquainted with a Greece off the beaten track while discovering the range of natural landscapes that make Greece unique.